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Luisa Rizzitelli

Company Profile

Communis ( is an agency specializing in the design of integrated communication plans. From planning to the execution of each business segment.

Communis carries out advertising campaigns for corporate or product identity, media planning, events planning, management of meetings, fittings for trade fairs and outdoor events. Communis manages public relations activities, lobbying and press offices.

Communis manages networks of relationships and produces content for all internal or external media. It has particular expertise in integrated communications consulting agencies and organizations with public and social purposes, particularly in the areas of gender equality, human rights, issues related to social unrest.

Communis develops complex marketing projects, targeted to strategic positioning in the public and private area.

Communis is also specializes in marketing for sport, tourism and culture and is able to provide, for institutions and companies, proposals build on the specific needs of image and promotion of the territory.

A division of Communis is specialized in the design and production of films, spot, documentaries, live and video for the image and promotion of companies, projects, institutions and personalities of culture, politics and sport. The video division can support broadcasters in the implementation of programs, headings and live video.

Communis manages areas of communication, media relations and event management for large and small clients, with which it shares values and modus operandi. Since 2002, Communis manages the communication direction of the Italian National Association of Volunteers of Telefono Rosa Onlus (hystorical Italian anti-violence association –